Passive Income Secured By Real Estate

Leverage your excess capital to build

long-term equity in cash-flowing assets.

Passive Income Secured By Real Estate

Leverage your excess capital to build

long-term equity in cash-flowing assets.

Our investment strategy is simple. We only invest for cash flow, buy at wholesale prices, and create (never speculate) appreciation through value add improvement and sweat equity.

Why Invest With Estes Capital?

Estes Capital specializes in acquiring off-market properties in emerging markets with favorable prices and terms by going direct to the seller.

This limits the number of offers that we must compete against and minimizes the risk for our private lenders.

We then force appreciation quickly, over the first 18-36 months, through our internal value add processes, quickly increasing the value of the asset and creating positive cash flow to pay our private lenders and investors.

How are we able to achieve superior returns for our investors?

  • We buy distressed “value add” properties
  • we stabilize the properties with renovations & competent property management
  • we are “all in” for 65% of the stabilized value (after repair value)
  • we refinance with 75% LTV loan in 18-36 months
  • We hold for the long term to build generational wealth

How to Invest with Estes Capital?

At Estes Capital, we partner with investors and private lenders on a variety of investment types. Whether you have cash in a bank account, a self-directed retirement account, the equity markets, or other investments, we can help you achieve a more stable, predictable return on your investment.

Private Lending

Our private lending opportunities allow you to be the bank. Your investment is secured the same way that big banks secure themselves when lending money: with a mortgage, promissory note, and insurance policies. These measures are in place to maximize the security of your capital while it is deployed. You will get a passive return backed by real estate with a much higher rate of return then offered by a traditional bank or gambling in the stock market.


Our equity investment opportunities allow you to be not only a partner in a real estate deal, but the best kind of partner: a silent partner, with no responsibilities other than to wire the amount of capital you chose to invest. We take all of the responsibility for the work, and we limit your liability for anything that could go wrong. This program allows you to lean on our years of experience and part-take in the upside of our ventures while limiting your downside risk.

Are you interested in investing or private lending?

How are we able to mitigate risk?

  • We always buy at wholesale price.
  • We create appreciation through value add process.
  • We buy for cashflow.
  • We never speculate.
  • We stick to class A, B & C+ areas.
  • We complete all due diligence.
  • We stress the underwriting.
  • We try to kill each deal.
  • We obtain favorable financing terms.
  • We cash out investors quickly.
  • We have multiple exit strategies.

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